Kambô Sacred Ceremonies in Aotearoa

Ceremonies in Auckland & Wellington, Aotearao - New Zealand Upcoming events

Ancient amazonian practice of Kambô frog medicine. Used for Natural vaccination Strengthening bodySharpening sensesDetoxing bodyClearing "panema" by indigenous people for thousands of years.

Finding its way outside of rainforest in last decades and being subject of scientific studies based of transformative experiences reported by many, on physical, mental and spiritual level. 

Natural vaccination

Kambô is sometimes called vacina da floresta for its powers of resetting and raising immunity levels in the body. Kambô also works re-actively, helping to remove parasites and harmful bacteria and viruses.  

Strengthening body

Kambô, often used by hunters, gives strength and stamina to body for couple of days. Blood cells are able to carry more oxigen which in return makes you less tired during and after physical exercise. People often report better flexibility.

Sharpening senses

After Kambô ceremony, you might experience sharper eyesight, better hearing and enhance taste. When working with Kambô regularly those can turn into long-term effects.

Powerful painkiller

Kambô contains peptide dermorphine powerful painkiller which can bring long term relief to chronic pain problems or painful menstrual cramps.

Detox of body

During Kambô cermony body is switching into detoxing mode through release of hormones activating soft tissue muscles and internal organs. This leads to deep release of stored old toxins, commonly through purging.

Clear "panema"

"Panema" - bad luck. Most revered aspect of work with Kambô is clearing the bad energies and "lifting the veil". Very commonly people report sense of clarity and sharpness in their decision making. Kambô also connect you with your life force energy, giving power to see and pursue once true purpose. Thanks to this attributes, Kambô is great when battling with anxieties, depression or addiction problems.

Kambô initiation ritual

Kambô is a traditional ritual that uses the secretion of the giant monkey frog, to purify the body and treat various health conditions.

By tradition Kambô initiation is done in three sessions during one month, where every session goes deeper and deeper, allowing for release of old toxic, emotional, traumatic burdens. Kambô spirit oftens work in union with inner healer of the participants reconnecting them with their own life force energy. After Kambô people often report that they heal their health problems, overcome addictions, are given power to follow their dreams or changing their life in other meaningful way.