Kambô Sacred Ceremonies in Aotearoa

Ceremonies in Auckland & Tauranga, Aotearao - New Zealand Upcoming events

Ancient amazonian spiritual practice of Kambô. Used for Strengthening bodySharpening sensesCleaning bodyClearing "panema" by indigenous people for thousands of years.

Finding its way outside of rainforest in last decades and being subject of scientific studies based of transformative experiences reported by many.

Kambô initiation ritual

Kambô is a traditional ritual that uses the secretion of the giant monkey frog, to purify the body and treat various health conditions.

By tradition Kambô initiation is done in three sessions during one month, where every session goes deeper and deeper, allowing for release of old toxic, emotional, traumatic burdens. Kambô spirit oftens work in union with inner healer of the participants reconnecting them with their own life force energy. After Kambô people often report that they overcome addictions, are given power to follow their dreams or changing their life in other meaningful way.